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Someone close to me once shared their thoughts and this is how it went;

Arguing with an idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon. Even if you win, the pigeons going to knock all of the pieces over, shit on the board, and strut around like it won. At the time I’m sure he told me that for something entirely different- still relevant. In a world surrounded by misinformation and deception I’m here to share and spread positivity and growth through testimonials. We don’t want to hear from the pigeons shitting on our planet. We want to be part of a movement to better it. I aim to shed light on current issues; modern-day living- consumerism, our impact on the environment globally and share the positive businesses that have already addressed these issues and are setting out to do better. By highlighting the current situations around the world and focussing on how we can educate ourselves on the current matters we can all aim to do better- much better.

I myself am by no means perfect, but aim to do the best I can. By educating ourselves on the potential impacts that our choices have I believe we can make a difference, hopefully soon enough. There are small steps that can have a big. impact but, we may be past the point of small steps, maybe we need to really evaluate how we are all exisiting in the environment. In sharing information and correcting bad habits change can happen-good change, necessary change.

A little more about who I am. I am not just a keyboard warrior, or so I don’t think that I am. I am a 23 year old female living in Australia. I do triathlons in my spare time and enjoy the company of my partner, friends, family and my two dogs- Merlin and Bennie. I am by no means anyone of importance in my bubble but I do however think that encouraging good decisions, even if I’m not miss popular, can have a significant impact.

I have had a pretty big interest in sustainability for a few years now and didn’t know how I could play a helpful role. I know a lot of people around me are in the same boat. Everyone wants to do better we just need to know how. I aim to update this website with facts- proven facts, products that have the ability to change how we are doing things, peoples testimonials and fun ways to change your habits. What you won’t find here is garbage news that has no validity or conspiracy theories or anything of a deceptive nature. I want this site to be somewhere where people support and encourage healthy and important changes to our lives. A space to learn and educate ourselves on matters that matter.

My only hope for this website it to create passion and a supportive space for people who care. If you learn and/or change one thing in a positive way then I have achieved what I set out to do.

Lots of Love,

Jacqueline Smith

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